How To Cheat At Cards

How to cheat at cards? For a cards shark, this is a very simple as he knows what kind of card cheating device and poker cheating technique is the best choice in the different environment, however, if you are a newbie, maybe below message can give you some information.

Why cheat at poker card games? To win! When in the poker games, the winning is can't be guaranteed and the fast proved that a lot of people lost a lot in a short time. As we know, no one can't see through the cards to know the poker game outcomes until the result is revealed, it means poker players only make a bet rely on the intuition and lucky (this is entirely imaginary). But for a veteran player, he will know what card cheating equipment or card trick skill can help him to get wins.
Bicycle Marked Playing Cards
Marked Bicycle Cards
There is no doubt that card cheating techniques are necessary to cheat in card games, but not all people can master the skill perfectly, because it requires too much, whatever time and money. If you have the magic card cheating trick tools, it will be convenient a lot.

So, what ways to cheat at cards? Below are some playing cards trick details used a lot.

Marked Cards

Marked cards are known widely by poker players, however, even you know these tools, while others use them, you can't detect. The marked playing cards have special invisible ink markings on the backside and if users wearing a special concealable UV contact lenses, he can see the invisible ink markings which stand for the value and suit of each piece of cards to know the cards before the result are turned, just as the cards are face down to him, what a beneficial advantage he has, while others don't know anything. That is because of:
  1. The invisible ink marks will invisible and the marked cards are same as the regular on from appearance when you look at them with naked eyes.
  2. The luminous ink to mark the marks is only visible with the ultraviolet ray within the spectrum range.
Marked Cards Poker
Modiano Marked Deck Poker

Luminous Ink Readers

The luminous ink readers have many types, but in general, there are 4 types of readers use commonly.
  1. UV marked cards contact lenses. This special poker card reader is developed to see the luminous ink marks on marked cards. With them, you can read the marked cards markings very clearly.
  2. The UV invisible ink glasses. From the appearance, it just a regular UV protection sunglasses and very fashionable. However, after you wear them, you can detect the UV ray easily and can read the ultraviolet marks conveniently.
  3. The barcode playing cards scanning camera. The poker camera scanner kit needs to work with the poker analyzer. This barcode marked deck cards will auto catch the invisible ink barcode on the marked playing cards and transfer the date to poker analyzer device, after the analyzing, the user can know the accurate poker game result in secret.
  4. The infrared poker camera. This one is not the one for poker hand analyzer. The infrared poker cameras are only used to detect the infrared juiced cards, if the infrared poker camera read the markings on the backs of magic marked cards, you can see the value and suit of each piece of cards on a video display. Usually, this device used widely for poker casino to monitor the poker room to prevent others to exchange the cards during the poker games.
Invisible Ink Contact Lenses
Marked Cards Contact Lenses
Infrared Poker Camera Scanner
Infrared Poker Camera

Exchanging Cards Machine

Just as its name suggests, to exchanging the cards when in the poker game, no one can guarantee that the cards they get are all the good one. At that time, with the exchanging tools, you can change the useless cards as the beneficial one. Of course, before you use this tool, you need to confirm that there is no infrared poker camera is monitoring and you need to practice to get used to it.
Tools for Exchanging Poker Cards
Playing Cards Exchanger Cuff

Cheating Shuffle Card

How to cheat at card games? By this way, you no need to use any extra tools but only the poker cheating techniques, just your skillful hand. You need to pay a lot of time, maybe several years to practice how to shuffle and list the cards you want during shuffle in front of many many players while can't let them find any secret.
Stacking Card For Cards Trick
Stacking the Deck
Different ways have different pros and cons, but no matter the easy one or skillful one, you can know and get them from our company.