AKK A2- the Newest Poker Analyzer

AKK company is a company that launched the first all in one poker analyzer.  As is known to all that at the very begining, to operte the poker analyzer is very complicate and difficult for poker players in that there was no all in one poker analyzer at that time. However, since the AKK A1 made its first debut in the poker cheating market. Poker analyzer develop very quickly and it becomes easier and easier and more pratical to use it. Hence , what are the shinning points of  AKK A2- the newest odd calculator? Here are some details about it.

1. stylish and perfect appearence. The A2 winning predictor hides itself in a real smart phone model-HUAWEI P30. It is much lighter and thinner compared with other genration poker analyzers. So it is very portable for each poker player.

2. durable battery life. Although the battery inside the A2 poker analyzer cannot be removed, its battery can be used for 24 hours when it is fully charged.

3. powerful functions. A2 poker analyzer not only can access to internet, make a phone call, send the message, watch the video, listen to music but also can predict the best winner, the best second winner, or even the whole ranking. 

4. practical accessories. Buying poker analyzer is not just buy a phone. There are several accessories in it. A mini earphone, a remote controller, and a charger will be included except the phone. Generally, Poker players think highly of mini earpiece because it is in vain if you cannot hear the 100 percent correct result. Now, one-to-one digital earpiece is offered to our clients. With it, you an hear very clearly even at a relatively long distance. 

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How to Cheat at Omaha

Omaha is by far one of the most prevalent poker variation. Similar to Texas Hold'em, the key to the victory of Omaha is to construct the five cards in you hand at the best way or to make the blind at the right time. To ensure your victory ar Omaha,marked poker cards and invisible ink lenses are suitable for you. 

Maybe it is the first time that you hear about marked cards, but i think you may have a clear idea what it is. Different to the old and traditional marked cards, nowadays marked poker cards are downright flawless to our human naked eyes. Machined in invisible ink, the suit and number are marked on the back of each poker card. With the purpose of reading the juice deck mared cards, wearing contact lenses for juice deck would be helpful. In most of casinos, there are some people that are trained to deteat its little flaws. Thanks to the rapid development of card printing technology, marked cards with luminous ink can easily pass the famous riffle test. 

Except in casino, marked cards and perspective contacts are widley used in the magic show, street performance, party card games and so on. As long as you make a good use of it, your additional advantage will be brought to the extreme. That is to say, visctory is no an difficult thing anymore.
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Modiano No.98 Marked Cards

Modiano No.98 marked cards are same as unprocessed Modiano No.98 cards in terms of durability, flexibility, appearance and so on. When manufacturers mark Modiano No.98 cards with luminous invisible ink on cards' back, the only change we can see with IR contact lenses is the suit and number of each Modiano No.98 marked card. And it will not change its texture at all. That is say, the plastic Modiano No.98 marked cards will still keep their long durability after marking prcession. No one will detect Modiano No.98 marked cards with their human naked eyes. 

Moreover, you can customize the marking patterns as well. In general, there are two patterns manufacturers mark the cards. One is a jumbo index on the middle and the other one is four small fonts on the four corners. If you don’t want these patterns, you can put forward your detailed requirements to manufacturers like our company and we can meet our customers various needs.

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Marked KEM Playing Cards

As one of the professional poker cards, KEM playing cards are used widely even in many casinos. They are manufactured in the USA but you can find KEM cards in the UK often. For magicians or illusionists who prepare to use the marked KEM playing cards to show a magic trick, they are hard to find the KEM magic marked deck poker with high-standard marks. Why? KEM cards warranty in the selected source materials is one of the key factors, but not the only one actually. As a professional marked poker cards manufacturer in China, here we have 3 types of top-degree KEM magic secret mark cards for sale, they are contact lenses marked KEM playing cards, barcode KEM marked deck, back-coated infrared marked cards.
KEM Marked Playing Cards
KEM Marked Playing Cards
How to recognize these KEM magic secret mark cards? Here we go!

Contact Lenses Marked KEM Playing Cards

Contact lenses marked KEM playing cards is same as other brands marked cards, it has invisible ink marks on the reverses, and the marks are invisible to naked eyes. If you used KEM marked deck cards before, you will know that it is extremely hard to get the KEM magic cards with professional marks. Why? That is because the manufacturing materials of the KEM poker cards are different from other poker decks.

  1. The regular invisible ink solution can't cause the complete chemical reaction with the KEM playing cards and the marks will be affected.
  2. The selected materials of the KEM plastic playing cards lead to a short shelf life of them. If you played or have played poker games or poker magic shows with KEM, it is obvious that the KEM cards are not the lifetime playing cards, they will wrinkle rapidly and can't be used anymore, and which causes KEM cards difficult to be daubed with luminous ink.

In order to provide the best KEM marked playing cards, the sophisticated technicians in Cards Lenses developed the newest invisible ink solution for marking KEM playing cards. This luminous ink is specially developed for vintage KEM playing cards and it can generate perfect chemical reaction with the unique KEM poker. The professional contact lenses marked KEM playing cards supplied by Cards Lenses has excellent invisible markings and it is only can be recognized by the invisible ink contact lenses or infrared sunglasses that can see through playing cards.
KEM Magic Secret Mark Cards
KEM Marked Playing Cards
Please note that the processed KEM juice marked cards will not be changed any original attribution of the classical original KEM cards, so after you get the KEM marked deck of cards, please use all of them out soon, don't keep them for a long time.

Barcode KEM Marked Deck

For a marked cards supplier, maybe the barcode KEM marked deck is easier to be made than the one for luminous contact lenses. The barcode KEM juiced decks has the concealable barcode which contains cards information on the 4 edges. The magic barcode only can be scanned by the poker analyzer or playing cards scanning camera with the infrared camera lens. Using this barcode KEM magic marked cards deck, for example, when in the Texas Holdem or Omaha games, you can get the accurate game result you want to know on the sly.
Barcode KEM Marked Cards
Barcode KEM Marked Deck Cards

Back-Coated Infrared Marked KEM Cards

The back-coated infrared marked KEM cards is marked with the custom-made infrared ink on the backside. It has the same problem as the contact lenses KEM marked playing cards. The distinction between these 2 kinds of KEM juiced cards is the luminous ink readers. As we mentioned before, the contact lenses KEM juice playing cards can be read by poker cheating lenses or invisible pen glasses, however, the infrared back-printed KEM ultra luminous marked cards only work under the detection of the infrared poker camera. The kit contains wide scanning range infrared marked KEM juiced poker cards and IR poker scanner is adopted commonly by the owner of the poker clubs or casinos, since they could monitor the game room to ensure the poker games held in the game rooms in good running and far from poker cheating.
Back-Printed Infrared Marked KEM Playing Cards
Back-Coated Infrared Marked KEM Cards
The choice of marked KEM playing cards varies with the needs. If you are looking for more information about KEM marked playing cards go Cards Lenses official Website right away!


Professional Poker Analyzer In 2018

When choosing a poker analyzer for poker cheating, what will be the prior factor you are caring about? Here, the professional poker analyzer in 2018 with exquisite design and multi-functional winner analyzing software.
Here is the picture:
Poker Cheating Analyzer Device In 2018
Poker Analyzer Device In 2018
This newly developed poker analyzer has a fashionable exterior design which is similar to iPhone 8 Plus cell phone. Of course, it is equipped with most of the apps which iPhone 8 Plus supports. The phone call and message sending and online surfing are 3 major functions you can enjoy with, other purpose apps also are supported.

The High Privacy Poker Analyzer

This new poker hand analyzer from Cards Lenses has the special entry for the poker cheating software, without the using direction, it is almost impossible for anyone to enter the game surface of this cheating device. It supports running in the background, that is to say, if you run the playing cards cheating program, just open it before the game and back to the normal phone surface, the poker winner predictor software will working automatically and secretly.
CVK 600 Poker Analyzer Price In China
CVK 600 Poker Analyzer Device

High Compatible Playing Cards Analyzer

The latest playing cards analyzer can be matched to different exterior poker scanner camera. Because it is designed with several signal frequencies to cater to different playing cards scanning camera. In another word, you can choose multi-approaches to collect the barcode marked cards information and predict the winner in the playing cards games.
Poker Cheating Scanner for Analyzer
Playing Cards Scanning Camera

Intelligent Poker Cheating Analyzer

You don't necessary to open the poker cheating analyzer again and over again to reset the software to make its setting in sync with the real-time requirement. There is a wireless remote control which one-to-one match to the poker cheating analyzer. You can reset or turn on/off the analyzer and poker camera you are using with it on the sly, don't worry you will mess them up, the wireless mini earpiece will keep you in step with the operation and information about the poker cheating analyzer.
Here for more information about the newly developed poker analyzer in 2018 @https://www.cardslenses.com/poker-analyzer-system/poker-analyzer-system.shtml