AKK A2- the Newest Poker Analyzer

AKK company is a company that launched the first all in one poker analyzer.  As is known to all that at the very begining, to operte the poker analyzer is very complicate and difficult for poker players in that there was no all in one poker analyzer at that time. However, since the AKK A1 made its first debut in the poker cheating market. Poker analyzer develop very quickly and it becomes easier and easier and more pratical to use it. Hence , what are the shinning points of  AKK A2- the newest odd calculator? Here are some details about it.

1. stylish and perfect appearence. The A2 winning predictor hides itself in a real smart phone model-HUAWEI P30. It is much lighter and thinner compared with other genration poker analyzers. So it is very portable for each poker player.

2. durable battery life. Although the battery inside the A2 poker analyzer cannot be removed, its battery can be used for 24 hours when it is fully charged.

3. powerful functions. A2 poker analyzer not only can access to internet, make a phone call, send the message, watch the video, listen to music but also can predict the best winner, the best second winner, or even the whole ranking. 

4. practical accessories. Buying poker analyzer is not just buy a phone. There are several accessories in it. A mini earphone, a remote controller, and a charger will be included except the phone. Generally, Poker players think highly of mini earpiece because it is in vain if you cannot hear the 100 percent correct result. Now, one-to-one digital earpiece is offered to our clients. With it, you an hear very clearly even at a relatively long distance. 

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How to Cheat at Omaha

Omaha is by far one of the most prevalent poker variation. Similar to Texas Hold'em, the key to the victory of Omaha is to construct the five cards in you hand at the best way or to make the blind at the right time. To ensure your victory ar Omaha,marked poker cards and invisible ink lenses are suitable for you. 

Maybe it is the first time that you hear about marked cards, but i think you may have a clear idea what it is. Different to the old and traditional marked cards, nowadays marked poker cards are downright flawless to our human naked eyes. Machined in invisible ink, the suit and number are marked on the back of each poker card. With the purpose of reading the juice deck mared cards, wearing contact lenses for juice deck would be helpful. In most of casinos, there are some people that are trained to deteat its little flaws. Thanks to the rapid development of card printing technology, marked cards with luminous ink can easily pass the famous riffle test. 

Except in casino, marked cards and perspective contacts are widley used in the magic show, street performance, party card games and so on. As long as you make a good use of it, your additional advantage will be brought to the extreme. That is to say, visctory is no an difficult thing anymore.
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Modiano No.98 Marked Cards

Modiano No.98 marked cards are same as unprocessed Modiano No.98 cards in terms of durability, flexibility, appearance and so on. When manufacturers mark Modiano No.98 cards with luminous invisible ink on cards' back, the only change we can see with IR contact lenses is the suit and number of each Modiano No.98 marked card. And it will not change its texture at all. That is say, the plastic Modiano No.98 marked cards will still keep their long durability after marking prcession. No one will detect Modiano No.98 marked cards with their human naked eyes. 

Moreover, you can customize the marking patterns as well. In general, there are two patterns manufacturers mark the cards. One is a jumbo index on the middle and the other one is four small fonts on the four corners. If you don’t want these patterns, you can put forward your detailed requirements to manufacturers like our company and we can meet our customers various needs.

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