Modiano No.98 Marked Cards

Modiano No.98 marked cards are same as unprocessed Modiano No.98 cards in terms of durability, flexibility, appearance and so on. When manufacturers mark Modiano No.98 cards with luminous invisible ink on cards' back, the only change we can see with IR contact lenses is the suit and number of each Modiano No.98 marked card. And it will not change its texture at all. That is say, the plastic Modiano No.98 marked cards will still keep their long durability after marking prcession. No one will detect Modiano No.98 marked cards with their human naked eyes. 

Moreover, you can customize the marking patterns as well. In general, there are two patterns manufacturers mark the cards. One is a jumbo index on the middle and the other one is four small fonts on the four corners. If you don’t want these patterns, you can put forward your detailed requirements to manufacturers like our company and we can meet our customers various needs.

Therefore, if you want to know more detailed information about the Copag casino poker cheat cards, you can feel free to contact me.