Marked KEM Playing Cards

As one of the professional poker cards, KEM playing cards are used widely even in many casinos. They are manufactured in the USA but you can find KEM cards in the UK often. For magicians or illusionists who prepare to use the marked KEM playing cards to show a magic trick, they are hard to find the KEM magic marked deck poker with high-standard marks. Why? KEM cards warranty in the selected source materials is one of the key factors, but not the only one actually. As a professional marked poker cards manufacturer in China, here we have 3 types of top-degree KEM magic secret mark cards for sale, they are contact lenses marked KEM playing cards, barcode KEM marked deck, back-coated infrared marked cards.
KEM Marked Playing Cards
KEM Marked Playing Cards
How to recognize these KEM magic secret mark cards? Here we go!

Contact Lenses Marked KEM Playing Cards

Contact lenses marked KEM playing cards is same as other brands marked cards, it has invisible ink marks on the reverses, and the marks are invisible to naked eyes. If you used KEM marked deck cards before, you will know that it is extremely hard to get the KEM magic cards with professional marks. Why? That is because the manufacturing materials of the KEM poker cards are different from other poker decks.

  1. The regular invisible ink solution can't cause the complete chemical reaction with the KEM playing cards and the marks will be affected.
  2. The selected materials of the KEM plastic playing cards lead to a short shelf life of them. If you played or have played poker games or poker magic shows with KEM, it is obvious that the KEM cards are not the lifetime playing cards, they will wrinkle rapidly and can't be used anymore, and which causes KEM cards difficult to be daubed with luminous ink.

In order to provide the best KEM marked playing cards, the sophisticated technicians in Cards Lenses developed the newest invisible ink solution for marking KEM playing cards. This luminous ink is specially developed for vintage KEM playing cards and it can generate perfect chemical reaction with the unique KEM poker. The professional contact lenses marked KEM playing cards supplied by Cards Lenses has excellent invisible markings and it is only can be recognized by the invisible ink contact lenses or infrared sunglasses that can see through playing cards.
KEM Magic Secret Mark Cards
KEM Marked Playing Cards
Please note that the processed KEM juice marked cards will not be changed any original attribution of the classical original KEM cards, so after you get the KEM marked deck of cards, please use all of them out soon, don't keep them for a long time.

Barcode KEM Marked Deck

For a marked cards supplier, maybe the barcode KEM marked deck is easier to be made than the one for luminous contact lenses. The barcode KEM juiced decks has the concealable barcode which contains cards information on the 4 edges. The magic barcode only can be scanned by the poker analyzer or playing cards scanning camera with the infrared camera lens. Using this barcode KEM magic marked cards deck, for example, when in the Texas Holdem or Omaha games, you can get the accurate game result you want to know on the sly.
Barcode KEM Marked Cards
Barcode KEM Marked Deck Cards

Back-Coated Infrared Marked KEM Cards

The back-coated infrared marked KEM cards is marked with the custom-made infrared ink on the backside. It has the same problem as the contact lenses KEM marked playing cards. The distinction between these 2 kinds of KEM juiced cards is the luminous ink readers. As we mentioned before, the contact lenses KEM juice playing cards can be read by poker cheating lenses or invisible pen glasses, however, the infrared back-printed KEM ultra luminous marked cards only work under the detection of the infrared poker camera. The kit contains wide scanning range infrared marked KEM juiced poker cards and IR poker scanner is adopted commonly by the owner of the poker clubs or casinos, since they could monitor the game room to ensure the poker games held in the game rooms in good running and far from poker cheating.
Back-Printed Infrared Marked KEM Playing Cards
Back-Coated Infrared Marked KEM Cards
The choice of marked KEM playing cards varies with the needs. If you are looking for more information about KEM marked playing cards go Cards Lenses official Website right away!


Professional Poker Analyzer In 2018

When choosing a poker analyzer for poker cheating, what will be the prior factor you are caring about? Here, the professional poker analyzer in 2018 with exquisite design and multi-functional winner analyzing software.
Here is the picture:
Poker Cheating Analyzer Device In 2018
Poker Analyzer Device In 2018
This newly developed poker analyzer has a fashionable exterior design which is similar to iPhone 8 Plus cell phone. Of course, it is equipped with most of the apps which iPhone 8 Plus supports. The phone call and message sending and online surfing are 3 major functions you can enjoy with, other purpose apps also are supported.

The High Privacy Poker Analyzer

This new poker hand analyzer from Cards Lenses has the special entry for the poker cheating software, without the using direction, it is almost impossible for anyone to enter the game surface of this cheating device. It supports running in the background, that is to say, if you run the playing cards cheating program, just open it before the game and back to the normal phone surface, the poker winner predictor software will working automatically and secretly.
CVK 600 Poker Analyzer Price In China
CVK 600 Poker Analyzer Device

High Compatible Playing Cards Analyzer

The latest playing cards analyzer can be matched to different exterior poker scanner camera. Because it is designed with several signal frequencies to cater to different playing cards scanning camera. In another word, you can choose multi-approaches to collect the barcode marked cards information and predict the winner in the playing cards games.
Poker Cheating Scanner for Analyzer
Playing Cards Scanning Camera

Intelligent Poker Cheating Analyzer

You don't necessary to open the poker cheating analyzer again and over again to reset the software to make its setting in sync with the real-time requirement. There is a wireless remote control which one-to-one match to the poker cheating analyzer. You can reset or turn on/off the analyzer and poker camera you are using with it on the sly, don't worry you will mess them up, the wireless mini earpiece will keep you in step with the operation and information about the poker cheating analyzer.
Here for more information about the newly developed poker analyzer in 2018 @https://www.cardslenses.com/poker-analyzer-system/poker-analyzer-system.shtml


Infrared Contact Lenses

Infrared contact lenses are a magic card cheating device for detecting the marked cards. Marked cards have magic power and usually used for poker magician street magic performances, magic poker show or poker cheating. Its large advantages have been around for many years and developed several generations. When it comes to card marking, there are many selections and strategies to use, one of them is work with infrared contact lenses.
Just as mentioned on the card marking ink for cheating, the luminous ink is the newest tool for cards marking in town. There are 2 ways to detect the luminous ink:

  1. Using luminous ink glasses to see luminous ink
  2. Using infrared contact lenses to see luminous ink

For these 2 ways, using the infrared contact lenses for card marking is the best way to detect the luminous ink.
Infrared Contact Lenses
Infrared Contact Lenses

Best Infrared Contact Lenses

The infrared contact lenses will closer to pupils and will not change the color of your eyes when you wear them to see invisible ink marks. It is safer and can be used to detect the luminous ink markings clearer. There are two types of luminous ink contact lenses, the infrared contact lenses, and ultraviolet invisible ink contact lenses. When you put the former contact lenses in your eyes, your vision will be transformed into a red vision and you can detect the infrared ink markings, because the IR contact lenses have small infrared ink filters built into the lenses, when you put the later lenses in your eyes, the vision will be turned purple because of the purplish ink filters built into the lenses.

Infrared Contact Lenses Feature

The infrared ink sunglasses are more suitable to detect the invisible ink marking on the backs of red-backed marked playing cards. However, the infrared contact lenses for marking cards is the most effective and discreet method to detect the luminous infrared ink markings. These magic marked playing cards contact lenses are made of the same material regular prescription contact lenses are made out of. The invisible ink contact lenses for spying playing cards have different types to cater to different people who eyes color are different, they are personalized for black eyes, blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes.
Marked Playing Cards Contact Lenses
Marked Playing Cards Contact Lenses

Warm Tips About Infrared Contact Lenses

  1. The infrared contact lenses should be treated as regular prescription contact lenses.
  2. The infrared contact lenses should be stored at room temperature in a clean contact lens case and soak them in the pure water, the glass bottle is better.
  3. The infrared contact lenses should be cleaned with the contact lenses solutions before and after each use.
  4. If you are the very first time to use infrared contact lenses for card marking, please extend your wearing time gradually, it is not a good way to wear it for the whole day at the first time.


How To Cheat At Cards

How to cheat at cards? For a cards shark, this is a very simple as he knows what kind of card cheating device and poker cheating technique is the best choice in the different environment, however, if you are a newbie, maybe below message can give you some information.

Why cheat at poker card games? To win! When in the poker games, the winning is can't be guaranteed and the fast proved that a lot of people lost a lot in a short time. As we know, no one can't see through the cards to know the poker game outcomes until the result is revealed, it means poker players only make a bet rely on the intuition and lucky (this is entirely imaginary). But for a veteran player, he will know what card cheating equipment or card trick skill can help him to get wins.
Bicycle Marked Playing Cards
Marked Bicycle Cards
There is no doubt that card cheating techniques are necessary to cheat in card games, but not all people can master the skill perfectly, because it requires too much, whatever time and money. If you have the magic card cheating trick tools, it will be convenient a lot.

So, what ways to cheat at cards? Below are some playing cards trick details used a lot.

Marked Cards

Marked cards are known widely by poker players, however, even you know these tools, while others use them, you can't detect. The marked playing cards have special invisible ink markings on the backside and if users wearing a special concealable UV contact lenses, he can see the invisible ink markings which stand for the value and suit of each piece of cards to know the cards before the result are turned, just as the cards are face down to him, what a beneficial advantage he has, while others don't know anything. That is because of:
  1. The invisible ink marks will invisible and the marked cards are same as the regular on from appearance when you look at them with naked eyes.
  2. The luminous ink to mark the marks is only visible with the ultraviolet ray within the spectrum range.
Marked Cards Poker
Modiano Marked Deck Poker

Luminous Ink Readers

The luminous ink readers have many types, but in general, there are 4 types of readers use commonly.
  1. UV marked cards contact lenses. This special poker card reader is developed to see the luminous ink marks on marked cards. With them, you can read the marked cards markings very clearly.
  2. The UV invisible ink glasses. From the appearance, it just a regular UV protection sunglasses and very fashionable. However, after you wear them, you can detect the UV ray easily and can read the ultraviolet marks conveniently.
  3. The barcode playing cards scanning camera. The poker camera scanner kit needs to work with the poker analyzer. This barcode marked deck cards will auto catch the invisible ink barcode on the marked playing cards and transfer the date to poker analyzer device, after the analyzing, the user can know the accurate poker game result in secret.
  4. The infrared poker camera. This one is not the one for poker hand analyzer. The infrared poker cameras are only used to detect the infrared juiced cards, if the infrared poker camera read the markings on the backs of magic marked cards, you can see the value and suit of each piece of cards on a video display. Usually, this device used widely for poker casino to monitor the poker room to prevent others to exchange the cards during the poker games.
Invisible Ink Contact Lenses
Marked Cards Contact Lenses
Infrared Poker Camera Scanner
Infrared Poker Camera

Exchanging Cards Machine

Just as its name suggests, to exchanging the cards when in the poker game, no one can guarantee that the cards they get are all the good one. At that time, with the exchanging tools, you can change the useless cards as the beneficial one. Of course, before you use this tool, you need to confirm that there is no infrared poker camera is monitoring and you need to practice to get used to it.
Tools for Exchanging Poker Cards
Playing Cards Exchanger Cuff

Cheating Shuffle Card

How to cheat at card games? By this way, you no need to use any extra tools but only the poker cheating techniques, just your skillful hand. You need to pay a lot of time, maybe several years to practice how to shuffle and list the cards you want during shuffle in front of many many players while can't let them find any secret.
Stacking Card For Cards Trick
Stacking the Deck
Different ways have different pros and cons, but no matter the easy one or skillful one, you can know and get them from our company.


Magic Marked Cards With Blacklight Ink

If you ever used blacklight ink marked cards, you will surprise with their perfect marks. Some people think that the price of this magic marked deck is high and seek the invisible ink juice to mark card at home. Do you know how to mark cards with Blacklight ink?
  • The Technique Of Blacklight Marked Playing Cards
The black light marked playing cards are made of newly developed luminous ink, and be printed with the special ink on the back of playing cards by laser marking card machine.
  • Features Of Blacklight Marked Cards Poker
  1. Processed base on the normal poker cards.
  2. The marks neither be affected by any light nor be controlled by the strong electromagnetic wave. The personalized trick marked cards are the same as the manufactured poker, no defect. All types of deck of cards can be processed, even the casino playing cards or personal entertainment poker cards.
  3. The blacklight best marked cards are simple to operate with high security.

  • The Advantage Of The Blacklight Contact Lenses Marked Cards
  1. The blacklight luminous marked card is a fundamental tool in magic poker kit. Using it, you can play the poker magic show swimmingly and accurately.
  2. The blacklight marked deck of cards has high privacy, only by wearing infrared contact lenses or UV ink glasses which corresponding with this magic marked card, other instruments, the prescription contact lenses or the ordinary glasses are not to come out.
  3.  When you plan to have playing cards tricks to impress friends or play cardboard game with your friends and relatives, the blacklight contact lens playing cards help you recognize each card effectively and correctly, for example, the blackjack, why must guess and remember the card hardly? Just "see through" them!
If you never used this blacklight marked deck cards before, welcome contact us for more info at any time.

Service Support: WhatsApp +86 13527622324.


Trucos De Cartas De Barajas Marcadas

En los juegos de cartas de póquer, verá que alguien puede ganar el juego y descartar las cartas inútiles como si supieran el resultado por adelantado. De hecho, los trucos de cartas marcadas en la baraja pueden ayudar a un jugador de poker a hacer esto fácilmente.

En las siguientes 2 imágenes, verás que las cartas que se muestran en la primera imagen son un poker regular boca abajo, igual que en el juego de póquer, no puedes saber qué cartas son. Sin embargo, en la segunda imagen, puedes descubrir el secreto de estas cartas de póker.

Este es solo uno de los trucos de cartas con barajas marcadas, que está especializado en lentes de contacto infrarrojos y vidrios de tinta luminosos, es decir, el secreto de estos trucos de cartas marcadas poker solo se puede encontrar en estos lectores de tinta luminosos en lugar de en los desnudos ojos o la cámara de póquer.

Las marcas en la parte posterior de las tinta invisible baraja marcada poker con tinta invisible están hechas con la tinta luminosa que solo absorbe una banda muy estrecha (gama de colores o espectro de luz) de la luz, sin las baraja marcada lentes de contacto o gafas para ver tinta ultravioleta, no uno puede ver el secreto de eso.

Algunos trucos de poker relacionados con las cartas marcadas pueden ocurrir en varias ocasiones, como el juego de póker privado, el juego de naipes de casino y el entretenimiento nocturno. Cuando se usan trucos de cartas usando barajas marcadas poker, porque solo usted conoce su secreto y tiene el lector de cartas marcadas para detectar, mantenga la calma y juegue el juego como de costumbre. Si es la primera vez que usa los trucos de cartas marcadas con magia, tal vez practique más en su casa hasta que se acostumbre a hacerlo mejor.

Hay tantos tipos de trucos de naipes marcadas en el mercado, si desea obtenerlos de un fabricante profesional y confiable en línea, la guía general solía ser que obtenía lo que pagaba.


Tinta Invisible Cartas Marcadas Poker

Las cartas invisibles para marcar tinta son un dispositivo mágico que muchos jugadores de póker prefieren para aumentar sus probabilidades de ganar en los juegos de cartas de póker. ¿Sabes qué tipo de baraja de cartas es imprimible?

Por lo general, las cartas marcadas poker se hacen con la tinta invisible lentes de contacto, lo que significa que solo las lentes de contacto para ver cartas marcadas o las gafas para ver tinta ultravioleta pueden hacer eso. Algunas personas pueden pensar que todo tipo de cartas de póker pueden procesarse como cartas marcadas invisibles. De cierta manera, lo es. Sin embargo, la calidad de ellos variará.

Las cartas marcadas para la venta en el mercado tienen un grado de calidad diferente, porque hay muchas dificultades para marcar una baraja de cartas a la perfección. Por lo general, el profesional es muy caro. Y algunos son muy difíciles de marcar, como Fournier WSOP, PTW, KEM. En nuestra compañía, tenemos varios tipos de mazos de cartas imprimibles profesionales para la venta, todos están en el mejor precio y están en buena calidad.

Si tiene dudas al respecto, puede contactarnos y solicitar algunas cartas de muestra para la prueba. ¡No te decepcionará!


Marked Cards Contact Lenses For Sale

The newest technique to mark cards is using custom-made printer machine and luminous ink, by this way the marks on marked poker cards will last longer time and will clearer under the detection of luminous ink reader such as marked cards sunglasses and marked cards contact lenses.

As we know, 98% playing cards are printable to be processed as marked cards deck, and after printed, the secret of them is hard to be found if lack of poker cheating sunglasses or marked playing cards contact lenses.

For the marked cards contact lenses for sale for invisible ink, they have high privacy, durability and hiddenness when using, contributing to the increasing of safeguarding user's fundamental interest. As UV ink is invisible to naked eyes in the natural light or LED lamp and so forth. That is, if you want to read the secret marks, some personalized devices are required; for instance, the professional marked poker cards contact lenses.

The contact lenses we refer are not the prescription in the chemist's shop which for correcting eyesight. Of course, the poker cheating poker lenses are customized with the same exterior outside alike prescription contact lenses. These magic invisible ink contact lenses are made with unique technology and staining technique under the strict processing steps. They are harmless to people's eyes and the special interior design can keep the suitable moisture of user's eyes even using for long time, for reading the UV invisible ink marks one magic marked cards, they are convenient, not expensive, safety and effective.

Alike regular CL, we also can personalize the marked playing cards with the exterior form as cosmetic contact lenses, prescription contact lenses, perspective contact lenses and so on. For the best marked deck cards contact lenses, more information please refer to our website: https://www.cardslenses.com/

Best printed marked poker cards contact lenses for sale:
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Tinta Invisible Kit Truco Pai Gow

Hay varios kits de trucos de engaño de póker en el mercado, juegos de naipes, juegos de dados, juegos de Mahjong, juegos de ruleta, juegos de dominó y misc. Cuando se refiere a los juegos de Pai Gow, ¿qué kit será el primero que se te ocurra?

Aquí, nos gustaría presentarte 3 dispositivos mágicos para jugar a las cartas de Pai Gow.

1. La tinta UV marca Pai Gow y lentes de contacto infrarrojos

La tinta invisible marcada con las baldosas Pai Gow se procesa con la tinta luminosa infrarroja especial, todas las baldosas (excepto la cara con pepitas) se pueden marcar con diferentes marcas (por lo general, el número o el compañero como cara). Después de las marcas, las baldosas Pai Gow procesadas no son pegajosas y el aspecto y el color son los mismos que los originales, le darán la sensación original de la mano. Al comparar el vestido de pago procesado y el vestido de pago regular, no tienen ninguna diferencia para los ojos humanos. Si desea detectar el secreto, solo con los lectores de tinta luminosos y mágicos, los lentes de contacto luminosos o las lentes de contacto infrarrojas que pueden ver tinta invisible, verá las marcas en el invisible marcado Pai Gow y conocerá su información tal como están boca arriba. para ti.

2. El código de barras invisible marcado azulejos Pai Gow y analizador de póquer

Si conoce el analizador de naipes marcado, debe saber que puede ayudar al jugador de póker a predecir el resultado del juego de póquer con anticipación. El analizador Pai Gow también tiene esta función mágica para los juegos de Pai Gow. Las baldosas procesadas de Pai Gow se procesan con el código de barras de tinta invisible en los costados, al mezclar Pai Gow y prepararse para operar, la cámara de poker dentro del analizador Pai Gow (la cámara de exploración exterior también puede hacerlo) capturará la imagen de código de barras invisible los lados de marcado Pai Gow fichas y los transmite a la calculadora de probabilidades Pai Gow para el análisis, se puede obtener el mejor g anador, el segundo ganador, incluso el posição de todos los jugadores con facilidad.

3. Las fichas regulares de Pai Gow y el analizador Pai Gow normal

Tal como sugiere la palabra, el Pai Gow es el habitual y no necesita ninguna procesión, pero cuando funciona junto con el analizador Pai Gow normal, el dispositivo analizador analiza los datos de Pai Gow y le envía el resultado preciso del juego de manera efectiva. A diferencia del sistema analizador PaiGow de código de barras, el sistema analizador regular utiliza la tecnología avanzada de reconocimiento de imágenes y el software de análisis avanzado, la cámara de escáner de poker dentro del sistema analizador captará la imagen de manera efectiva y analizará al ganador, solo con el mini auricular o vibrador, puedes conocer el resultado en secreto.

Diferentes personas tienen diferentes requisitos, puede seleccionar el más adecuado para usted, si no lo aclara, comuníquese con nuestras ventas profesionales para obtener más información.

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The Code Marked Cards For Poker Analyzer

If you have heard marked cards, you will know that the main material of marked cards are regular playing cards and invisible ink, the marks on the invisible ink marked cards are concealable and invisible to naked eyes.

The widely used marked cards should be the contact lenses marked cards due to their convenience, only need 1 marked cards and 1 pair of contact lenses or poker card sunglasses you can check their secret, of course, the contact lenses and sunglasses are the custom-made one for detecting the secret of these luminous marked playing cards.

But refer to marked cards which can be used on all fronts should be barcode marked playing cards. They are manufactured only on the edges and the backside will not has been processed that can decrease the doubt from others around you. The barcode marked decks need to work with poker analyzer and poker camera. If you close to the dealer or you are the dealer, an extra poker scanning scanner can be ignored as there is a mini built-in poker scanner inside the poker analyzer system as an assistant.

With the barcode marked poker cards and the set, you can know who will be the best winner in the games you are playing in and know how to make big interest and avoid risk of losing money in gamble effortlessly contributed by their outcome prediction functions. From reading the cards one by one beforehand and analyzing the game result directly, this barcode marked cards poker set can perform greatly.

What is more, with the prediction function, if someone plays with you are on the fly by using poker analyzer, you can use them to safeguard your interest.

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