Professional Poker Analyzer In 2018

When choosing a poker analyzer for poker cheating, what will be the prior factor you are caring about? Here, the professional poker analyzer in 2018 with exquisite design and multi-functional winner analyzing software.
Here is the picture:
Poker Cheating Analyzer Device In 2018
Poker Analyzer Device In 2018
This newly developed poker analyzer has a fashionable exterior design which is similar to iPhone 8 Plus cell phone. Of course, it is equipped with most of the apps which iPhone 8 Plus supports. The phone call and message sending and online surfing are 3 major functions you can enjoy with, other purpose apps also are supported.

The High Privacy Poker Analyzer

This new poker hand analyzer from Cards Lenses has the special entry for the poker cheating software, without the using direction, it is almost impossible for anyone to enter the game surface of this cheating device. It supports running in the background, that is to say, if you run the playing cards cheating program, just open it before the game and back to the normal phone surface, the poker winner predictor software will working automatically and secretly.
CVK 600 Poker Analyzer Price In China
CVK 600 Poker Analyzer Device

High Compatible Playing Cards Analyzer

The latest playing cards analyzer can be matched to different exterior poker scanner camera. Because it is designed with several signal frequencies to cater to different playing cards scanning camera. In another word, you can choose multi-approaches to collect the barcode marked cards information and predict the winner in the playing cards games.
Poker Cheating Scanner for Analyzer
Playing Cards Scanning Camera

Intelligent Poker Cheating Analyzer

You don't necessary to open the poker cheating analyzer again and over again to reset the software to make its setting in sync with the real-time requirement. There is a wireless remote control which one-to-one match to the poker cheating analyzer. You can reset or turn on/off the analyzer and poker camera you are using with it on the sly, don't worry you will mess them up, the wireless mini earpiece will keep you in step with the operation and information about the poker cheating analyzer.
Here for more information about the newly developed poker analyzer in 2018 @https://www.cardslenses.com/poker-analyzer-system/poker-analyzer-system.shtml

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